"Hipstamatic is a digital photography application for the Apple iPhone. This application uses the iPhone camera to allow the user to take square pictures, to which it applies a series of software filters, in order to make the images appear to be shot with an old film camera. The user can choose from a number of effects that are presented in the application as "lenses", "movies" and "flashes". The Hipstamatic application is based on the cheap plastic 100 Hipstamatic analog camera, supposedly developed in early 1980 by Bruce and Winston Dorbowski that was a commercial failure, selling less than 200 units. It has been "experienced" by various artists around the world, with an ever greater success for its rapid spread on social networks”.


The Colectivo f4 in collaboration with the creators of “Hipstamatic Portugal” facebook page, will carry out an international exhibition of works, open to all creators of images with the Hipstamatic app for iPhone.

The exhibition will run from May 5 to 25, 2012 in the Gallery of the Colectivo f4 - Porta 22 - at Ferraz Rd, 22-Porto, Portugal

This exhibition is intended for everyone who uses the Hipstamatic application to create pictures as a mean of expression. Its primary objective is the international sharing of images taken with the Hipstamatic application, phenomenon which takes an ever greater scale either as an artistic creation or as a social expression


Conditions of participation:

It will not be authorized the presentation of any image whose intellectual property rights do not fully belong, and without exception, to the participant in the exhibition.

The authors allow their possible use by the organizers of the exhibition in promotional actions of the gallery in book format, catalog, video and other promotional elements.


Participation mode:

The images, in jpeg file, must be submitted with the registration form attached.

The sending of the images should be made until April 20, 2012 to:



Each participant can send up to a maximum of 3 images.

According to the number of participants and the gallery space it will be printed, for the exhibition, all or part of the images uploaded by the author.

The impression is the responsibility of the Colectivo f4.

A book will be edited by Colectivo f4 with the exhibition images